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Jun 3, 2008



* If Wonderland was that wonderful, then why did Alice chose to leave? Probably because there are things better lived out rather than just dreamed about.

* As we mature, we all have to make this transition. We all have to let go of some of our fairy tale expectations on life, and learn to embrace a kind of life that can survive a few hard winters. Life that has been tested is far more inspiring than life that has never known anything but bliss.

- from Mike

(Dyesebel or Dyosa? lol :-p


the donG said...

i like this post. it's like the evolution. we really need to move forward.

jeeper said...

In a way, I agree although part of me still clings into fantasy and wondering about things that can be out there. Perhaps, that makes me a loser in a way but I guess that is how I will always be.

Sure, we need to let go of things as we grow but i think we should choose it wisely. A lot of old people lose so much along the way and I think it contributes to why people in the adult world is depressing. ooops! I belong with the adult world pala!

Maybe it's just me, just my thoughts. And I think the reason why Alice left Wonderland has something to do with her sister/life left in the other side and yeah, it kinda isn't picture-perfect.

redlan said...

Thanks dom!

Well said Jeeper. thank you for the longer comment. I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

very well said!



redlan said...

Kapamilya rin ako @ Bry. hehe

Pepe said...

How about me Red, i still believe in angels and fairies but i don't believe in santa clause anymore coz i know now who he is he-he....! =D

redlan said...

haha @ Pepz. Wala ko na bala kaagi naintoan ni santa clause. hehehe. Kay wala man siya bi nanghatag sang gift.