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Jun 14, 2008


I love chatting and I spend most of the time chatting with different people around the world. My purpose is to make friends with other people and to know their own culture and lifestyle. I’ve met a lot of friends online. My first chat friend was Posh. She’s a Canadian girl. But I can’t forget my friend from New Jersey who originally from Honduras. We chatted almost 24 hours. Sometimes we forgot that we’re living in the opposite side of the world. One time, it was already five in the morning here and 5 pm in the United States but we were still chatting. I had also a chat friend from Dominican Republic- the home of the beautiful people. My friend from Tanzania taught me his own language. I had also friend from Poland who sent me a Christmas card. But mostly I’ve met fellow Filipinos living in other countries. Some I lost communication with but there are some I am still chatting with. Like my long online friends from Mexico and Peru.

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the donG said...

wow! galing mo naman. sana magawa ko rin yan.

redlan said...

kaka adik @ dom. hehehe