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Jun 23, 2008


This is the moment. This is the day before tomorrow. And tomorrow is another day. The day after tomorrow is Wednesday.

Without further much ado, I will introduce to you the guests among the beasts(am just kidding of course) the best bloggers that's it. I sent invitations with them and they will come in a pair.

I surprised to see KRIS JASPER & BRY. They're the first pair arrived. Kris Jasper just came directly from Chicago. I am so honored to have a manager turned model in my red carpet party. On the other hand, Bry is another smart & cute blog celebrity. I like them for being frank & real.

Here you come beautiful KooKoo. With her is Gerald, the cute Desperado.

Next is another pair. From a Chinese clan in Iloilo. He is a cute Chinese. Allen Michael is his name and now in the Philippine's capital- Metro. With him is a bright and talented Chinese student. His name is KEV, the cute kid.

Nicely from Malacañang flashes her sugar coate smile. With her is Kababayan. No it's not Noli de Castro but his fellowman Richard from Mindoro. Nice and Richard are both adventurerous bloggers.

David & Kris came in so manly looks. Both are HH- Handsome Husbands. They will share about their happy marriage to us.

AG, my fellow Ilonggo. He is a freshman nursing student. With him is MIA, the dakilang tambay RN.

The smart scholar Trizzz, here she is! With her is the dedicated former teacher, EV.

Mike & Jeeper came in. Both are call center agents. But they will not talk about Hello's but the great real life scenario.

Ferbert and Abad are best funny buddies. They will make the red carpet party alive!

Here comes not two. Rara, Banicmanic & Joliber- the trio. They will share about important things in blogging. The techniques and styles too.

My favorite trio, here they come. Lawstude, Dong and Lance! Their shots are all perfect and amazing. They are good and the best in photo-taking.

The party is about to start when Jazzy & Raine just came in. I invited both of them to lead the opening prayer.

I requested Andre Calixto to sing our national anthem. And to host my party, it's DJ LEE!

Wait, wait, wait! There's one blogger I invited who is not around here yet. Maybe she's late. Aha, speaking of the angel, here she comes! Hmmm, she wants a dramatic entrance. It is because her escort is Piolo Pascual. To kill your curiosity, she is IFoundMe!

To end this party, I want to thank you all for being part of my one year blogging. This is the simplest way of showing my appreciation to all of you! Mabuhay tayong lahat!


Nice said...

thanks for the party! it was fun!

Anonymous said...

wow, you forgot to mention that i'm wearing a valentino tux and D&G eyeglasses.


this is fun...

wer r the paparazzis? lol

hope ur fine kuya red after the storm...

Lawstude said...

Wow. What an amazing party. I am volunteering to be the official photographer next year. Again, Congratulations.

the donG said...

maraming salamat redlan! astig ang red carpet party mo. im sure marami pang madadagdagan na guests next year.

maligayang unang taon sa iyong blog!

salamat sa pagsali ng blog namin dito.


awww. just FYI... im always late when attending parties. yeah, that's me.


nice party nong... i surely had fun.

FerBert said...

yihee! kasama ko pa ang kambal kong si Abad..

happy anniv kuya!

redlan said...

nice bakit hindi mo sinama ang boypren mo? joke lang. salamat sa pagpunta.

sorry bry, nakalimutan kong i-mention. hehehe. am okay pero yung kababayan kong iba ay kawawa.

It's an honor lawstude. salamat.

it's my pleasure dong. sana magkasama pa rin tayo hanggang next year. sana maipagpatuloy ko pa rin ang pagba-blog. salamat.

kaya nga as gusto ko ikaw ang unang dumating sa party ko. pero ang tuod tuod sina kaw una nadumduman ko @ KJ.

syempre naman pareho kayo ng talent which is magpapatawa. salamat sa pagbisita @ ferbert.

the donG said...

siguradong magkasama pa rin tayo dito sa blogosphere.

Allen said...

Thanks for the invite. I'm a day late but I'm still here. ^_^

Anonymous said...

ehem.... salamat at talagang escort ko pa si papa piolo. sana mabasa nya. hahahah! enjoy ko kaayo sini kag grand entrance gid ko ya eh. syempre no! i'm with papa piolo. hahaha!

redlan said...

thanks dom.

i know andiyan ka lang naman @ Allen.

Syempre ikaw pa @ ifoundme.

napunding alitaptap... said...

i was looking for this, kaso ambilis bilis bilis mo talagang magupdate, di ako makahabol...ahahaha.

uhhh, misko na si desperado.

napunding alitaptap... said...

love my gown and the fact that i walked through th ered carpet... oh, im sorry for pairing my old chucks to my oh-so-princessy gown...

my display blogger pic just fits at the post.. *chuckles*

redlan said...

oo nga @ kookoo. bagay na bagay. kala mo hindi ko nabasa to. syempre nabasa. kaw pa!