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Jun 12, 2008


ROSELLE- who called me up to my surprise because I did not give my number to her. But the person below is the one i should blame(just kidding).

MRS T.- who sent me a me na me load and helped me with the online business all through out.

MEL- who taught and helped me put the myblog thingy on my blog.

JACKIE- the blogger who first added me on ym and the first blogger turned chatmate of mine.

JOICE- the first blogger who created a personalized award for me.

MOJO POTATO- who sent his mini book away from Baguio.

ELAY- the first blogger who called me Kuya.

Trivia: They are the bloggers who did and gave memorable things to me that I really appreciate.

to be continued


MeL said...

Thank you so much po for being thoughtful.. sobra. :)
Medyo nag-lie low muna ako sa blogging kasi napunta sa iba ang interest ko, pero I'll be back for sure kapag na-settle ko na ang mga bagay-bagay.

I miss blogging na rin and reading your posts! Thanks po ulit. *hugs*

the donG said...

kakatuwa naman ng list na to. as of now, 3bloggers pa lang ang na meet ko. the rest sa mga comments lang. i also had the chance to interview some of them which i featured in pero hindi ko na natuloy kasi kulang sa time but they became good online friends.

joice said...

you're just plain sweet, red :) thanks a lot. kahit na dina ko nagbablog lagi ka pa ring nakakaalala :) thanks so much!

and happy one year old redlan's web of arts! =)

redlan said...

Take your time @ mel. Balik ka sa blogging ha.

redlan said...

Wala pa akong nameet na blogger @ dong. Nabasa ko yung interview mo with bloggers. It's interesting nga.

redlan said...

Thanks @ Joice. Ikaw ang isa sa hindi ko makakalimutan. Blaik ka na sa blogging world.

Mrs T said...

Red, that is really soo nice of you to remember all of your blogmates in a special way. You are one of the bloggers who have a special spot in my heart and i am glad to be of help in any way i can. Good luck and more opps to come....

redlan said...

Utang na loob ko sau lahat mrs. t. am thankful. more and more opps to come rin sau. it's more of nakaka-enjoy no>?