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Jun 1, 2008


It's already June today, the month of bride,month of much birthdays, and 6 months to go before Christmas! Yahoo!!!

I noticed that there's a problem with internet connection lately. That's why, I can't update my blog and checking other's blog. I can't believe it, I am one year already in this blogging world. Although I had some blogs in other sites before but with blogger, I find it comfortable to use and I found some real friends online who inspired and encouraged me to continue blogging. As what my header say, THANKS to all of you!

For this month of JUNE:

1. I am working my BLOG BOOK OF RECORDS still.
2. I will post the Chinese audio for I can't understand it.
3. I have to continue working the scrapbook for Baby Triz.
4. I have to send the souvenir gifts for two most nice bloggers.
5. I will post about the MY LOVE AT FIRST KISS.

I need to rest for now. I am kinda tired from Trappist for my monthly visit. Later then. Goodnight all!


Mrs T said...

wow, buti ka pa maraming naka linya! ako come what may, hehe! sorry di ako gaanong nakaka visit sau dito, marami na palang bago. Have a great week ahead! TC!

redlan said...

No problem Mrs T. I know andyan ka lang. May marka ka na ditong naiwan.

Pepe said...

Good weekend Red, late na naman ko ha-ha....! Busy ko abi paninlo sang balay halin pa kahapon.... How's the weekend gali....? =D

redlan said...

ako gani tamad mag update man pepz. hehehe