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Jun 21, 2008

Back to basic

I missed blogging for two days. Haha. It's like a week for me. I was not able to blog because I was tired from work. We were not actually working but filing papers in the office most of the time. Some old files that are not necessary to keep anymore. Like some people that are not worth to keep in life.

It's one am here already. Without any sign, everything turned dark and empty. It's a silent night...early in the morning rather. No disturbance at all! I lighted up the candle. With it's light, I continue writing on the paper. From one sentence to another, I had to pause and drink a cup of milk. And while my left hand was running on the piece of paper, my right hand was feeding my mouth some flakes. No fridge, no electric fan, no T.V., no ringing of mobile phone. Nothing I can do but to forget the modern technology and had to go back to basic. No sound of music but a whistle of wind and the sound of raindrops all I can hear. This is a bad sign, a bad situation. I blamed Frank for this. He hit our region unexpectedly and living a big damage.


The weather is okay now but no electricity yet. I stayed at home all day yesterday and today I went to the mall. I am typing this post with the power of generator.

Take care guys!


napunding alitaptap... said...

huhu... i was typing my comment but poof! i dont know where it is now..huhu..


o well, blackouts just give us time to do things that we don't normally do...

like hey kuya red i have washed the dishes earlier than the usaual and got to clean the house... not just the usual sweeping(that i really do not do, either of the USUAL or hmmmm, especially the "NOT"), i made it to the point that the wooden floor would sparkle.... and mopped the tiled area(living room up to the kitchen)

and i just have realized, i am living 2o years now and it was the very chance i got to clean the kitchen floor.


magulo ba? ako din kasi naguluhan..o well, that is what no computer, or tv or whatsoever electric monster could do for a single day. magulo pa din? magulo talaga ako.


redlan said...

wow kookoo ang haba ng comment mo. salamat sobra.

ano kinain mo at biglang ginanahan kang magtrabaho sa bahay nyo. Tinanong ka ba ng nanay mo kung may lagnat ka? joke lang. yan kasi ang tanong sa akin kapag masipag ako once in a blue moon lang.

hindi magulo, maliwang na maliwag ng alitaptap.

napunding alitaptap... said...

ahaha. . .

yun gulo's BEYOND what i am saying.

ahaha...sinabi ko pa, hanaku...

pero salamat po, salamat basta.

redlan said...

haha. beautiful kookoo na magulo, yw!