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May 19, 2008

YOUTUBE is my choice

YouTube become part of my cyber life. With it, I can watch cool videos of my favorite shows. And I can still watch the TV episode I have missed to watch. I am a working man that's why. Anyways, it was in YouTube that Charice Pempengco internationally discovered. She then became an internet singing sensation. Withn three months her videos ranking more than 13 million hits of viewers. She invited to guest on Star King in Korea last quarter of 2007. She guested next on The Paul O'Grady show in London and then on Ellen DeGeneres Show. This month, she last seen on Oprah Winfrey Show. It was her strong performance indeed!

I was able to watch the great performances of AI 7 thru YOUTube. And I am so excited waiting the finale of AI 7 on May 21. It's between the two David(David vs. David) I know, I can't watch it live but YouTube is there for me.

David Archuleta sang WITH YOU

Speaking of WITH YOU, this month's episode of Your Song on ABS-CBN is WITHOUT YOU. It is a romantic comedy love story. I did not able to watch its first to 3rd week episodes but I happened to watch it on YouTube again. It is about a love triangle between two guys and a girl. But it is not a usual love triangle. The former turns out to be a gay. Booby falls in love at first sight with his neighbor John. And John's sister Jen is also set on winning Bobby's heart. Both Jen and Bob found out later that they were consulting the same magazine article to help them capture the man of their dreams. The artcle is HOW TO WIN A MAN'S HEART.

1. Win his heart.
2. Show him that you share the same interest.
3. Win the heart of his family.
4. Be with him in his lowest moment.
5. Whatever happens, never give up.

I am looking forward to watch its last episode this coming sunday.

It is hard to portray a gay role I think. And in real life, it is hard to pretend to be a straight guy. But to be a gay is not a choice.

What will be the choice of Bobby? Who will become the American Idol this season 7? Will Charice choose to have an international career? It's their own choice. I have my own choice and I am sure you have your own choice too!


Lawstude said...

Cook is definitely more talented but I think Archuleta is more popular.

the donG said...

youtube really changed the world in terms of watching videos. it has been very useful if you just know how to use it. there are free demos and trainings in the youtube.

i also watch survivor, amazing race and american gladiators when i miss an episode.

i also enjoy watching music videos and weird videos from really really weird people.

charice, madonna decena and charlie green are really good.

redlan said...

basta si david ang mananalo @ lawstude. hehehe

oo nga dong. maraming choices na mapanood sa youtube.

Raine said...

I'm crazy over ARCHULETA! Heheee.

triZzZ said...

buti na lang naimbento youtube no??

hahaha, I'm hooked on COOK! (:

redlan said...

Haha some love archuleta and some love cook. we wish them goodluck this wednesday. thanks raine and trizzz for the comment.

Raine said...

i'm really worried. hehe ^^

redlan said...

easy lang, magaling naman yung labanan. sino matalo-manalo, panalo pa rin @ raine.