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May 6, 2008


Today, I am giving lucky treasures for some special people. Those who are always here and leave a comment.

SCISSOR FOR CLECK- The scissor can cut material things into pieces. But to cut doesn't mean to damage. (The good example of this when she resigned from her job to transfer to another new company). There's always a good reason in cutting. To create a new design. Theat's how I decribed her. BTW, post your new haircut please. Hehehe.

PANTENE SHAMPOO FOR MIKE- Everytime I see the new pantene commercial on T.V., I remember this person. I see his personality in 4 most beautiful women. He is the male version of Ruffa, Greta, Judai and Claudine. 4 most beautiful women transformed into a man. Ruffa is maarte(over acting) but glamorous and smart. Greta is loka-loka(crazy) but strong and beautiful. Judai is a multi-awarded actress(sikat) but still down to earth. Claudine is family-oriented. That's Mike!

SLIPPERS FOR TRIZZZ- Sometimes the feet need to rest. For sometimes it's tired to wear shoes. Trizzz needs slippers for a wonderful journey (college life) ahead. Slippers symbolize patience and comfort.

UMBRELLA FOR RECEL- Umbrella protects people against the heat of the sun and the rain. That's Recel- a caring wife and mother.

WINE GLASS FOR ROSELLE- Wine glass is clear and transparent but fragile. Nice to look, once broke considered sold. Joke! Roselle is pretty inside and out. She's like a wine glass. Cheers for the citizenship!

WHITE GOLD FOR KJ- It's precious, it's expensive. Any shape, any size.... it still carry its beauty. KJ has always confidence with sense (any kind of sense- sense of humor, common sense, sense of taste, sense of smell. Sa loob ng ilong mo!)

IRON MASK FOR PEPE- For me, Pepe is the iron man! Firm and strong. A man with face I can't see. Yet, a nice person and true friend really! That's double P.

HUMAN SIZE MIRROR FOR MRS. T- A mirror inorder for her to see the flashing smile and the real beauty. A woman who always extend a helping hand, who believes she can. The mirror is like Mrs. T.




naks naman.. simple lang kaya ako..
so saan ko yan kukunin?

Mrs T said...

LOL, mirror daw o! sige asan ang magic mirror? TY ng marami Red! pasensya na sa turo ko kasi alam ko litung lito ka, im not a good teacher kasi, lol!

redlan said...

precious naman ang value mo @ KJ. Ha? ipapadala ko na lang sa chicago. joke!

redlan said...

Mirror on the wall mrs t. hehehe. Ako yung mahirap turuan. hehehe. hay, nakaka-stress. hindi pala madala. parang role sa pelikula, madali tingnan pero mahirap pala gawin. hehehe salamat ng marami!

triZzZ said...

wow. hahaha. patience talaga??? oo nga kailangan ko nga yata talaga yun. (: dali-dali, ibigay mo na sa'kin para humaba-haba naman pasensya ko bago ako tumuntong ng college! hahaha!

kidding aside, thanks kuya for the lucky slippers.

hmmm, ako di na kita bibigyan ng treasure, treasure box na lang because you have loads of treasure in your life you have to keep,like wonderful friends and family because you are a nice person. (:

hintayin ko slippers! joke! (:

redlan said...

hehe @ Trizzz. acutally ang slippers ay sinuot mo na kaya nagkaroon ako ng idea. hehehe

""rare*jonRez"" said...

thanks red for the inclusion! kahit sobrang kulang tong time o dito makakapag-visit sa yo, kahit nga sa ym di na ako nakakapag-reply, sa text din, tinatamad kamay ko. hehe... pero andyan ka pa rin, u never fail to forget me. salamat talaga..

and eah, this umbrella, magagamit ko talaga ito. kukunin ko ito pagdating ni jon, sya kasi mahilig namamayong ey. hahaha.

congrats nga pala sa ppp status mo. kudos and yeah, keep blogging. earning while blogging is a great privilege. so while kaya pa, go na go. di ba? hehehe...

redlan said...

hehe. thanks @ recel.

claire said...

i am most pleased, red! thanks much. i feel special tuloy. dont worry, i'll post the pic of my new short 'do. :)

redlan said...

ure special naman talaga @ cleck. so nice. keep it up!

Pepe said...

Wow, at last i feel like a real super hero ha-ha....! One day you'll see the face behind the mask nga daw mask man gyapon he-he....! Oi, nalantaw mo na gali ag ironman Red....? Nami kuno....? Wala gid ko abi time maglakwacha subong.... Hulaton ko na lang ang pirated ha-ha....! =D

redlan said...

haha daw mask man gyapon nga may mata, baba kag ilong. wala ko kalantaw kay wala man ko tym kag ako lang isa.