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May 6, 2008

A night to rest

I noticed that I fond of eating cooked peanuts lately. I am always tired from work and it's the only thing that awakes me. I need to rest my eyes tonight. A long rest will do so that I can work diligently tomorrow. So much work to do. Another deadline to bit.


Fjordan Allego said...

cge pahinga ka na po kuya redlan.. mukhang pagod na pagod ka na po.. hehehe

rara said...

good morning sir red! i hope you had a good sleep last night. ako masakit ang balikat ko kasi matigas yung tinulugan ko hehe. have a great day ahead po!

redlan said...

oo nga @ Fjordz. Nakatulog ako agad.

redlan said...

Yeah @ Rara. Mahimbng ang tulog ko. hahaha. nakalimutan kong patayin ang ilaw.