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May 3, 2008


Today is an idle day for me. I am still here in the office sitting and thinking what to post. There's some work to be finished but I am not in the mood doing it. The weather is gloomy that's why I feel lonely. I missed some officemates. The noisy people are absent today. Sometimes, it's irritating when they are here but I missed them if they're not around. I missed my friends too especially Ploning(my close friend who is the no. 1 fan of Judai). Although I met one of my high school friends yesterday yet our conversation was so short. I treated Robz @ Red Ribbon. We spent more time eating than talking. Finally, we said our goodbyes. Time was limited. I need to go back in the office.

This is for KJ. It's the sugar-coated peanut- Bandi. Eat it with a sugar-coated smile. (I'm just kidding!)





Pepe said...

Lamon day guro ha-ha....! Miss ko nang badi mu....! =D

redlan said...

Haha @ KJ. Matunaw ang kalamay kung magtabok sa dagat. Mahinu siya asin. hehehe kag magpait na ina makalambot da sa imu.

hahaha. La ko gani kinan-an. Wala ko nagkaon kay wala man ko upod. Bandi pepz? dilap ka lang da sa ginpost ko. joke!