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May 4, 2008


I missed to visit Trappist last month. I was busy for the whole month of April. I unplanned to travel nowadays. I noticed that when I plan earlier it would not happen. Back then, I woke up at exactly 9:10 am this morning. The weather was fine, not sunny but no sign that it will rain. I left home passed ten am and reached the Iloilo wharf to Guimaras after 15 minutes. I texted Socsy, the Guimaras homebase college friend. I waited her reply but I received nothing till I rode the jeepney to Trappist. On the way, I received a call from an unknown landline number. It was her. I promised to dropped by in her office before I go back in Iloilo. The call ended.

It was a peaceful sunday @ Trappist. It was a quiet sunday for monks, no sext. A question pooped in my mind again, "Can't they live long in this so quiet place?" I had a sad feeling I can't explain. I said a short prayer then I went out of the chapel. The rain started falling.

I did not see anything new in the place. The souvenir shop was closed. No more visitor came. I just saw this plant and I can described it as myself. Alone and still growing.

I forwarded a ten peso text load to Socsy. She did not have load that's why she just called me up using landline. Then I texted her that maybe I can't drop by in her office because it was raining. She told me she might go home early for she's not feeling well. She will go to Iloilo City though(lol). And she waited me in Guimaras wharf. As the rain stopped, I left trappist. Take note, only in trappist had rain. Haha.

I met Socsy and we had a missing-a-friend talk on the motor boat to Iloilo City. It was 2 pm already and I had to meet my close friend. He will be back to his workplace in Estancia. I said goodbye to Socsy(she had a companion) as we entered Robinsons Place and then I met Steve. We ate our late lunch together.
I went to my client in Leganes, Iloilo. It was a quick visit then I went back here in the city. I paid the cc of my bestfriend which is due today and I am now free.

I will be working tomorrow again. I need to rest for now. But before I will say goodnight to all, I gonna leave you a hint for tomorrow's post. I have a confession to reveal. Last night someone made me cry. I cry rarely but I was not able to hold on and control my emotions, the tears ran on my cheeks, flowing like a river(exags, hahaha).

Have a wonderful day ahead!



nice trip red... enjoy ur remaining summer days

redlan said...

u too @ KJ!

Pepe said...

Oi, pila ka kabeses nagbalik sa trappist this year....? I wish makapauli ko this year para makalagaw man ko.... Permi lang bi trabaho di....! Enjoy your travels Red....! =D

redlan said...

monthly ko ga-visit didto @ pepz. sang last month la ko ka kadto.