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May 24, 2008


This is too early to announce that this blog will be a year old before this month ends. I am just excited and thinking how to celebrate it. Of course I will dedicate the celebration to you all who become part of my blogging life throughout the whole year. I hope we will be together as if there's no end in blogging.

I will feature blogs starting next week and I talk about my first year blogging experience. I am on the process of working my new header and my blog world of records. Stay tune guys!

I never tired of saying thank you all! Keep blogging!



ur welcome Red!


Pepe said...

Nakaboto na ko Red, wala gid ko makaobra entry ko subong kay may gin kadtuan ko.... Busy gid katama pero sa bwas lang ko ma-blogging.... How's your weekend gali....? Baw one year old ka na gali sa blog world....? Wala lang dugay no, kadasig sang panahon.... =D

redlan said...

Thanks KJ. Naging part ka. salamat gid ilonggo! haha

redlan said...

Ti mayo gid Pepz. thanks sa boto para sa pilipinas. Ako may ginkadtuan man sa north. Nagpaliwaliwa kay bwas wala naman ni lugar utok ko bisan hangin, ti nagpahangin ko utok subong.

Sige kay ginahulat ko post mo.

Daw sang san-o lang to gani one year na. kung sa tawo, daw sip unon pa sang una. hehehe. Daku gid part mo. Di ko gid na malimtan ah. Thank you gid nga daku daku. hehehe

Mrs T said...

congrats Red! You are definitely doing great! Keep it up! People like u make the blogworld fun and exciting!

redlan said...

yeah mrs t. of course it is more exciting to blog with you! thanks sobra!