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May 28, 2008


POTOTAN is considered the rice granary of Panay. It was declared as the "Christmas Capital of Western Visayas" because of its famed Christmas Festival of Lights.

the head of the carabao welcomes the visitors

the church

The town has one of the cleanest, widest and beautiful plazas in the province. It has an obelisk, a lagoon, a historical marker, a skating rink and an astrodome for sports and cultural presentations.


the donG said...

i didnt know theres a special place for christmas in the south. that's nice. i hope you get to feature it in december.

the dome like structure is nice.

redlan said...

I'll do dom. welcome back sa manila!

Pepe said...

Ngaman gintawag ni sya nga pototan man....? Kadto ko to, wala man ko nakita nga mga potot....! Joks....! Good shots Red, ano gamit mo nga camera....? =D

redlan said...

Kay mixed race na da mga tawo. taas na kalabanan pareho cmu. Camera man lang na sang cellphone. hehehe. Patago kag padali pa ko na magpicture kay nahuya ko. hehehe