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May 24, 2008


Most Filipinos always do rush shopping. It happens during holidays like Christmas Day. We wait to buy gifts and presents on the last day or minute. I learned a lesson from it and I started buying discounted things from the start of the year and I keep it until December. During December I just wrap it and am ready to give the Christmas gifts to my family, godchildren and close friends.

My online friend who is living in the United States revealed her secret holiday shopping success. She shops early for Christmas too. She buys discounted items as well. But she can’t experience the hassle of standing in line at the store because she does shopping online on Black Friday. It is the day after Thanksgiving that top retailers around the country discount their products. The,, BestBuy, Disney Store, EB Games, Home Depot, Cosco, Apple Store, CompUSA, Circuit City, CVS, J&R, Toys R Us, Target, Old Navy, Office Depot, Value City, Tommy Hilfiger and Walmart are our favorites among the stores on the list. Now we are ready to shop for black friday 2008!

And the best about is they give you the advantage of showing the Black Friday ads before the public. They also send you email alerts to let you know when new black Friday ads will be posted. With, you can save both time and money.

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