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Apr 30, 2008

Today is my 11th months of blogging

The most stressful work deadline is over now! However, we are still busy @ work. There's always some deadlines every month. It's in the cycle of our work. Sometimes I forgot what to do next. Today I almost forgot, it's my 11th months of blogging. Oh my.... Yeah, time flies so fast!

I can't forget those wonderful bloggers I met despite that they are not already active in the blogging world. I know they will come back someday. I hope it will be soon. They are still part of my blogging success. I would like to thank them and to those who are always here to inspire, encourage and help me a lot. You all proved that there's always good friends.



I am currently listening in 105.9 Mix FM- Davao. The kewl DJ Lee introduced this station wherein he is the apprentice DJ. You must listen to him. He sounds kewl. He will greet you on air.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank Mrs. T. for the long patience she reserved for me today. She's is one of a kind! Thanks for the great help Madam! Anyone who in need, just visit her site. Believe me, she's willing to help you in blogging business.


rara said...

happy 11 months sir red! ngaun lang ulit ako nakapagblog after ng punta ko sa ABra. lumusta po? hope youre okay. ingat po lagi..

mikes said...

ui hapit namag 1 year...mwahhh :p


triZzZ said...

wow, 11 months na siyang nagbo-blog, pa-cheese burger ka naman!


missed yah kuya!



grabe cguro stress level mo no? permi ka na lng gapulaw.

anw, good luck sa bago mo naman na project. stock ka na da daan kape.

redlan said...

Thanks @ Rara. Am okay na okay pa sa alright. Kaw kamusta ang bakasyon?

Thank! oo nga ambilis @ Mike. Parang last month lang tayo nagkakilala. joke.

u spread the line @ trizzz. kaw rin pa cheese burger kasi sweldo mo.

anad nako sa pulawanay @ KJ. Baw di manami ang bag-o nga project. Hangag ko da bala. di ko na makaya guro.

Mrs T said...

Walang anuman Red, i am glad to be of help anytime. Good luck!

redlan said...

Thanks sa lahat mrs t.

Pepe said...

Happy 11th month of blogging Red, ano feeling sang 11 month of blogging....? Wish you more years of blogging pa gid, congratz....! Oi kilala ko na si John Ray a.k.a Dj Lee....! Permina sya to gabisita sa blog ko....! =D

redlan said...

Ang feeling ko @ pepz? hmmm daw nagbata nga may 2 month old baby. joke. Pamati ka bala sa timseslot ya kay i-greet ya ka.